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Situated along the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, Yulong mountain is located in the Hengduan mountain range in Yunnan Province, 25 km north of Lijiang. It extends 35 km from south to north and 13 km from west to east. With a highest peak of 5596 m, it is the southeasternmost glacierized area in Eurasia. The 19 glaciers on Yulong mountain, which have a total area of 11.61km2, are maintained by the southern Asian monsoon climate.

Peeping from between the ridges of two mountains into the window of our first floor studio is the snow covered peak of Jade Dragon Mountain.

What does it mean to work within the visual field of a glacier?

How many temporalities does a glacier contain apart from the most immediate of melting with every breath we take?

How many frozen life forms are re-animated?

Will the intimacy between earth and person, the weaving of our ’reading’ of earth and our ’reading’ of life take on a different shape and how might the documentation of our time together structure such an exploration?

What technologies of perceptions shape this particular gathering of

Sheryl Cheung

Xia Lin

Lucy Rogers

Quyen Nguyen

Jay Brown

Er Ge


Yen San


He Jiyu, 22 days away from taking his 高考

Bruce Bo Ding

Lao He

Nha Thuyen

Petra Johnson

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During the time of landing, we hear that Nha, Yen San and Quyen cannot get a visa. Two poets and a ten year old boy described as a portrait maker, will not join us in person. We explore how to bring them into our gathering from afar, a poem by Quyen appears on the kitchen wall.


Landing, every detail, no matter how small matters during these first days, the nest the swallows built by the library, bad news, sharing a memory, an unexpected sound, the cherries dropping into our open hands at the slightest touch of a branch, young maize plants planted in zigzag lines.... the glacier. Surprisingly, it has been visible every day. Its steady presence allows the state of precariousness that accompanies landings to emerge at full blast. Simultaneously, this eye contact with the glacier nurtures trust in initial intuition and opens a dialogue, an investigation of temporalities and intimacies not yet encountered.




玉龙雪山坐落于青藏高原东缘,是横断山脉经过云南省的一部分,距 丽江约25公里。它南北长约35公里,东西长约13公里,最高处海拔5596米,并育有亚欧大陆距离赤道最近的冰川。在南亚的季风气候 下,玉龙雪山分布有19条冰川,总面积达11.61平方千米。

从工作室一楼的窗户向外望去,显露于两峰之间的,正是被积雪覆盖 的玉龙雪山。


除了随着我们的每次呼吸而不断地融化,冰川蕴含的时间性还有哪些 ?


身土之亲密与对土地和生命的“阅读”交织起来,会否有所变化?而我 们对在此度过的时间的记录,又将怎样组织这样的探索? 对土地的“阅读”与对生命的“阅读”交织,对于我们在此度过的时间,


张欣 Sheryl Cheung
大侠 Xia Lin
露西·罗杰斯 Lucy Rogers Quyen Nguyen

正杰Jay Brown
二哥 Er Ge
雪梅 Xuemei
和士元,爷爷 和淑芬,奶奶 和吉宇,还有22天就要高考 和吉星

Yen San Amma/Anai
丁博 Bruce Bo Ding Lao He
Nha Thuyen
佩雀 Petra Johnson

在落地的这段时间里,我们收到消息 ,诗人Quyen和Nha以及他们十岁的宝 宝Yen San因为签证问题而无法加入我 们。但我们仍然想把他们从遥远的地 方带到我们身边,于是厨房的墙上就 出现了Quyen写的一首诗。

在落地的过程中,每个细节——无论 多么细小——都是非常重要的:书房 屋檐下的燕巢,坏消息,分享记忆,

意外的声响,轻碰枝桠便跌落手心的果子,之字型种植的玉米......还 有冰川。令人意外的是,我们几乎天天都可以见到它。巍立不动冰川 更加剧了伴随落地而来的不确定感。与此同时,与冰川的目光接触也 灌溉了最初的信任,并开启了关于时间性的对话和探索,以及那尚未 相遇的亲密感。