mapping the affective landscape


In 2017, we instigated the DuDu project which invited artists who had been at the studio before for a return visit. One of these artists was Petra Johnson, who had first come to the village in 2006. Petra has been working on and off with dancers since 2008 and recognized the immense potential of Lijiang Studio for poly-disciplinary (action-oriented) peer led gatherings. Petra first initiated poly-disciplinary gatherings during her residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel (2014/5) and continues to do so at the College of Design & Innovation at Tongji University.

For Lijiang Studio she developed this concept (English/ Chinese).

The criteria for selecting artists/researchers begun by putting forward a range of disciplines. In order to invite recommendations, this initial list was shared with those who have worked with Lijiang Studio over a long period of time and are sensitized to the specific circumstances of this unique setting.

 View of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Lijiang Studio, Jixiang village, Lashihai.

View of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Lijiang Studio, Jixiang village, Lashihai.

Residencies 2018

We now have four blocks of gatherings, with the first one, titled “Under the Glacier“ starting May 14th, 2018. The participating artists from Vietnam, the UK, Canada, Taiwan and China will be introducing themselves in due course.

The second block is in July, the third in August and the fourth in October. Each block brings together different individuals from a wide range of practices and a wide geographical area.

The four week blocks are structured as follows:

A week of landing

A week of grounding

A week of finding

A week of founding

Whilst artists are free to pursue their agenda, we will be holding open studio sessions (mounting of enquiries and processing with other minds) on Sunday evenings and meet every Tuesday for study sessions of chosen texts that assist in linkage making and relating experience to larger contexts.


The framework for documenting this residency program is a map, a map of lines made by and from walking. The paths and roads that link locations in Jixiang Village and that link Jixiang Village with the nearest market towns can - pre-dominantly - trace their origin to paths made by walking, specifically 

a web of paths walked for mutual visits and shared participation in funerals, weddings, and festivals

interlinks with

the branched structure of roads made for market exchange and bureaucratic transactions.

The key to this map will emerge with and through each artist’s encounter with the locality; with a coming upon locations that ask for/inspire site-resonant lines of investigations. This collaborative enquiry toward an embracive domain view – literally a walk of widening circuits ‘toward the right hand’ – might help to reformulate given conditions for both artists and our hosts, as well as discover new co-ordinates.


Petra would like to thank all of the artists for their pro-active responses as well as Jay Brown for his thoughtful support and Dava Wing for concise and fluid matchmaking, literally done on a wing.