Piotr Bockowski and Pan Daijing performed Phantom Limbs at the studio on Wednesday, July 16th.

For this particular iteration of Phantom Limbs ("Dongba Phantom"), the artists incorporated imagery from around the Lashihai landscape, as well as symbols from Dongba scripture.

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Excerpts from the Phantom Limbs webpage: 

"The idea expressed in Dongba hieroglyphic language is represented by a sing for ‘body’ -with logo of ‘china mobile’, the local internet provider, inside- stretching its hand to reach for an ipod showcasing sings for ‘hand’ on ‘fire’ (right hand). Protective demon of Dongba shamans is displayed on a burning screen over the mountains where Naxi dead are buried, on the edge of Yunnan and Tibet plateaux (left hand).

'Phantom Limbs' media performance is inspired by Chinese XXI century phenomena of burning paper ipods and other models of electronic media devices as an offering for ghost in 'Hell' (according to the original 'chinglish' translation on fake currency that circulates in Chinese Underworld)."



As for the energy channeled during the live performance, some questions to consider: 

-How local/ universal are spirits of the Otherworld(s)? 

-To what extent does audience/ geographic location define and project such spirits? 

-The paper iPhone offerings- what are the service plans like, and how are they used?

For more information on Phantom Limbs:

Listen to Pan Daijing's live set:

body/video by Piotr Bockowski

sound/body by Pan Daijing

curation by Frog Wing
camera by Yasuhiro Morinaga





Piotr had to leave the day after the performance, but Daijing stayed an extra two weeks to make field recordings of Naxi/ Tibetan sounds in the Lijiang area. 

She takes these samples and incorporates them into her personal music projects. 


Some of Pan Daijing's raw files: 

1. ---xxx---

2. ---xxx---

Examples of remixed and completed tracks: 

1. ---xxx---

2. ---xxx---